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Some of Bitcoin’s Earliest Adopters Find it Difficult to ‘Cash Out


Some of Bitcoin’s Earliest Adopters Find it Difficult to ‘Cash Out

The price of BTC had increased in value significantly over the years, reaching $19,600 at its highest peak – and the exchange rate rests at $8,500 today. This is a stark contrast to just over a year ago when the digital currency’s value was under $1,000 per coin. Since the fiat value has increased so much it has made some early investors very rich. Moreover, there’s one group of early adopters that no one likes to talk about — darknet market vendors.

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Wealthy Darknet Vendors Have Issues ‘Cashing Out’

Whether people like to talk about it or not, darknet markets (DNM) exist, and some people believe vices are not crimes. Some well-known bitcoiners have made millions gathering the currency in the early days but there are also anonymous millionaires that people will never know. DNM operators and vendors are among bitcoin’s earliest adopters since the inception of the first modern DNM the Silk Road launched in 2011. Estimates detail that the Silk Road took in $30-45 million annually with 146,946 buyers in 2013 and 3,877 vendors. When the Silk Road collapsed in October of 2013 many of those vendors moved on to newer DNMs and many of them still exist today.

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